4 Easy ADHD hacks to help you get organized!

If you've ever thought to yourself, “I’ll put that away in a minute” and then a week later that *thing* is still on the counter, you’re in good company. Most people diagnosed with ADHD have a hard time staying organized. If you’re stuck in the mile-high-pile cycle, give some of these tips a try!

Problem 1 - You have too much stuff.

THE FIX - You can’t make a mess with items you don’t have, so get rid of things you don’t want or need anymore. Ask yourself…do I need this? Does it enhance my life? Be honest with yourself and don’t fall into the *someday I might need this* trap. Keep a box somewhere easy to get to for items you want to donate. Challenge yourself to find 1 item every day that can be tossed into the box (or thrown away) and then drop it off at a local charity center once a week.

Problem 2 - It doesn’t have a home.

THE FIX - Take some time to decide where everything goes. Start with one cabinet or drawer and do this in bite size pieces so it’s not too overwhelming. Get drawer organizers, use a label maker, and be specific about where EVERYTHING goes! If an item doesn’t have a place, find one or toss it in the donate box!

Problem 3 - It’s a pain to put back.

The Fix - Take note of things you’ve avoiding putting away. Now get curious. Is it difficult to put away? For example, does it go in a bin that has 3 other bins stacked on top? If so, consider adding shelves so each bin is easy to get to and not in a stack. You can even remove the lid to the bin so you can avoid that step too! Remove barriers that are making it difficult to put away!

Problem 4 - You just don’t feel like it.

THE FIX - Identify your WHY. Why do you care about having an organized house? Does someone you live with complain and you’re tired of arguing about messes? Are you always late because you can’t find that thing you’re looking for? If you can remember why, you’re much more likely to take a moment to put it where it belongs.

When all else fails, imagine future you thanking current you. No huge mess that will take hours to clean up. Just a quick minute to put it away and always knowing where to find. it. Imagine how good it will feel once you’re done!

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Ashley Dahl

Ashley is a professionally trained coach with over 10 years of experience. She attended the iACT Center (an ICF accredited program) to get her ADHD coaching certification and also has a background is in Early Childhood Education (Western Governors University). She specializes in ADHD coaching for children, teens and adults; health and wellness coaching, relationship and boundary coaching, and parenting support.