Are ADHD coaches a waste of money?

With so many resources for managing ADHD, why would anyone hire a coach? There are plenty of books, blogs and YouTube channels. There are tips and tricks all over the internet for free. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve probably tried dozens of these strategies over the years. New planners, sticky notes, calendar reminders, phone apps and sheer willpower. Often these new systems work at first, but then you find yourself back in the same old patterns. Again.

If googling for solutions was going to help, then why hasn’t it helped by now? It’s easy to blame yourself for not being consistent or trying hard enough. But in my experience as an ADHD coach, most of my clients are exhausted from years and years of trying. Lack of effort is rarely the issue. There is always more to it than meets the eye.

You have unique values and obstacles that must be explored and uncovered. You have old limiting beliefs that are holding you back. The coaching process is a journey of self discovery. There is no shortcut. No book, blog, or YouTube video can get to the root of your unique strengths and struggles. A professionally trained coach will walk along side you to find strategies that work for YOU. Strategies that are effective and sustainable.

My clients usually uncover new awarenesses within the first few sessions. They reach goals they’ve been trying to reach for months or even years. So, is a coach worth the investment? Only if you’re ready to change your life.

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Ashley Dahl

Ashley is a professionally trained coach with over 10 years of experience. She attended the iACT Center (an ICF accredited program) to get her ADHD coaching certification and also has a background is in Early Childhood Education (Western Governors University). She specializes in ADHD coaching for children, teens and adults; health and wellness coaching, relationship and boundary coaching, and parenting support.