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I'm so glad you're here! Here's what you can expect
when working with a professionally trained coach:

        Discover your strengths and reach your full potential
        Identify barriers that may be holding you back
        Learn strategies to get and stay motivated
        Identify your goals and find a path forward
        Reduce overwhelm
        Increase your self-confidence
        Have support and accountability

"If trying harder was going to work...why hasn't it worked by now?"

  Discover your strengths
  Identify barriers holding you back
  Reduce overwhelm
  Reach your goals
  Increase your self-confidence
  Become the best version of yourself

If you're struggling to get / stay motivated or feel overwhelmed with life – you're not alone!

I often get asked why anybody would pay for a coach when there are so many free resources online now. My answer is this: it's so easy to consume more and more tips and tricks. One more article. Another YouTube video. Self help books. The advice is often really great but it's easy to get stuck in learning mode and not put them into action. SUSTAINABLE action. That's where working with a coach will change your life. Book your free 20 minute consultation so we can discuss your needs and how you can finally live the life you have always dreamed of!
ADHD looks different from person to person -- difficulty staying organized, poor time management, feeling overwhelmed, or trouble getting and staying motivated. It's not uncommon to feel as if you are struggling to juggle everything in your life. I have experience coaching children and adults with ADHD and working with them to overcome challenges and reach their goals.
Are you struggling to parent a difficult child? Parent coaching can arm you with the tools you need to feel confident and create an environment where your entire family can thrive. Perhaps you're struggling in a relationship with your significant other, a friend, a coworker, or even the relationship you have with yourself.  Let's discuss what coaching can do for you!
We all know how important it is to practice good self-care, but it can be so difficult to put into practice and stay consistent. Health and Wellness Coaching will  offer support and accountability to help you reach your goals! We will take the time to uncover what has sabotaged you in the past and create a tailored plan just for you.

About Coach Ashley, CALC

I'm so glad you're here! 

Hi there! I’m Ashley. I live in the beautiful Pacific NW with my husband and two daughters. I’m a Certified ADHD Life Coach with over 10 years of coaching experience and a background in Early Childhood Education (Western Governors University). Passion led me to this career.  I have seen the power of coaching firsthand and love being a part of helping others discover their strengths and reach their goals!

I specialize in ADHD coaching for children, teens, and adults; health and wellness coaching, relationship and boundary coaching, and parenting support. I truly believe the coaching process has the power to create lasting change and transform lives!

You can learn a little more about me and the coaching process here. >